Tonic Train is the experimental electronics duo of Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann. The combination of Sarahís homemade circuit bent instruments and Knutís feedback electronics creates a spectrum of fundamental electronic noises. It connects two methods of early electronic music practice: the appropriation of electronic circuits to make them sound and the improper use of electronic equipment to make it feed back. Tonic Trainís artistic influence comes from electronic music pioneers such as David Tudor and Gordon Mumma. Over time the Tonic Train duo has become part of many diverse musical projects and performances including a feedback ensemble featuring Xentos ĎFrayí Bentos, Nicolas Collins, Toshimaru Nakamura, Billy Roisz and Otomo Yoshihide. For the last four years Sarah and Knut have also been producing experimental radio programmes together for Londonís unique radio art station Resonance104.4fm. This work continues in their current project Mobile Radio, which aims to bring artistic radio production outside the sterile studio environment.
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Live at Project 101 - Vibrö 3 (track 09)
This track is an excerpt from a live performance in Paris on the 17th March 2005. The electronic sounds that we produce cover the whole frequency spectrum, often into the ultra- and infrasonic ranges. The noises that we work with are produced and manipulated in real time, enabling us to interact with each otherís playing and the environment. The audience in the intimate basement venue of Project 101 included good friends of ours and with the speakers placed behind them it made the performance a special experience for us. Our music was filtered through the bodies of the listeners in a literal sense, as some of the sounds were feedback strands formed between an open microphone and the speakers. We use homemade electronic devices such as modified toys, customized circuits and ultrasonic equipment, as well as feedback between microphone & speaker, FM transmitter & radio, and mixer & effect unit. The track is licensed to the public under a creative commons licence:
Photo: Christoph Höfig




Sarah Washington:
Sarah Washington is an improvising musician and electronic instrument builder, who lectures and gives workshops in Circuit Bending. She plays with the international groups Responge, P Sing Cho, Feedback People and The Owl Service as well as the duo Tonic Train and performing solo. Sarah is also a radio artist, who has produced hundreds of hours of live and recorded programmes for Resonance 104.4FM, Londonís art radio station which she helped to create. She now acts on behalf of the station forming new radio art projects with other independent radio stations across Europe, and is producing itinerant broadcasts with Tonic Trainís new venture Ė Mobile Radio.
Knut Aufermann:
Knut Aufermann first studied chemistry before moving to London in 1998. He gained a MA in Sonic Arts in 2002 focusing on his research on feedback and music. From 2002 - 2005 he was the first station manager of Resonance104.4fm, London's unique radio art station. Currently he works as a sound/radio artist, lecturer and consultant on a European level. He's an active performer of experimental electronic music, with hundreds of concerts played in the UK and Europe. In 2004 he curated and played in the 'Feedback:Order from Noise' tour featuring amongst others Alvin Lucier and Otomo Yoshihide.
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Sarah’s instruments : Feedback Phone respectively

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