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Vibrö - French selection

Photo: Cyril Lepetit - ICA 2005

Dominique Petitgand -"Open translations" extracts total duration : 11’20
1. intro Dehors
2. Au ventre / My belly
3. La rosée
4. Le bout de la langue / The tip of the tongue
5. Cette chanson / That song
6. La centrifugeuse

sound pieces and musics by Dominique Petitgand,
1997 / 2005
with the voices of Dominique Ané, Liza Maria Riv eros,
Benédicte Riveros and translations by Marie Losier

extracts from a radio creation for "Live constructions",
WKCR FM-NY, june 2005
(thanks to Federico Marulanda)
© dominique petitgand

Born in 1965 in France and live in Paris.
Dominique Petitgand - s use of sound places his work in a singular, shifting artistic territory. He presents his pieces in the form of sound installations in exhibitions but also in CD format and at performances which are rather like concerts given in the dark.
He is represented by the gallery gb agency
20, rue Louise Weiss 75013 Paris, France tel + 33 1 53 79  07 13  /  fax + 33 1 53 79 06 19
e-mail gbagency(at)club-internet.fr / www.gbagency.fr


Alice de Brémont D’ars: BRUITSBLANCS (blanknoises):
Square breathing rhythm 2'45"

this piece was drawn from a series based on the gaps of language: the "non-spoken" respirations, hesitations as well as other significant sounds coming from the mouth, that pace conversation without being conscious or controled.

Writting process 3'09"
This fragmented poetic reading gathers a writing process. The topics used here can potentially generate endless combinations and proposals Simultaneously, mutations of the feedback operate on the voice while the piece is being read. This illustrates a subjective point of view on relativity of the absurds, order and disorder.

Coming from a fine arts background, Alice de Bremond d'Ars expands and explore the various aspects of writing and langage. Her work is mainly sound based. Through audio pieces and installations she is dealing with various systems, including phonetic constructions and syntax formulations. Lives and works in Paris.


Cyril lepetit – the Mermaid of Sheppey (26’09”)
Performance: La Sirène de New York - 25 FEB 7 to 8:30 Pm

"The Mermaid of Sheppey" (2004)
Description of Work:
This luring song is composed of the voices of women and some men expressing themselves on the following issues:

What does it mean to lure people and how do you do so? Diverting…attracting towards death…towards pleasure and unknown territory… What does opening your world, values, life, and body to someone else mean, or represent?

When editing the sound piece: looping breathing and words and selecting some sentences and statements made during the recording, the artist was aiming to create an appealing song that will leave the listener in a meditative state of mind. This mermaid song was recored and played last summer on the sea front of the island of Sheppey (Thames Estuary, London). The song was presented as part of an installation; it was played on loud speakers, so passers by on the parade and people on the beach could hear it clearly.

Cyril Lepetit was born in Cherbourg, France. He studied and at the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-arts de Caen and the Ulster College of Art, Belfast. In 1999, after living in Paris for several years, he went to Japan and Taiwan for a residency and a series of exhibitions in these countries. He came back in 2000 to live and work in London.

His work has recently been presented at the ICA during the exhibition LONDON IN SIX EASY STEPS, (PART 4) curated by David Medalla and Guy Brett. His work has been seen since as part of international exhibitions and solo shows: TADEHALLI MUSEUM, Kunsthalle Helsinki, TRACE GALLERY Cardiff, RIAP (Rencontre International d'Art Performance) Quebec, WHARF Centre d'art Contemporain Normandie, CHANGING CHANNEL Berlin, CND (Centro Natzionale di Dramaturgia) Rome, PERIFERIAS Huesca, ART CONCEPT Paris, ABATTOIRS Musee d’Art Moderne de Toulouse, SUBSITANCES Lyon, CATALYST ART Belfast, STUDIO 303 Montreal, WASHANG ART DISTRICT Taïwan, NIPAF (Nipon International Performance Art Festival) Tokyo.

His recent artist book 'Respectful Infidelity' includes texts by Pierre Giquel, David Medalla, Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux and Liu Yung-Hao. It is on sale at the Librairie du Palais de Tokyo, Paris and the ICA in London. Many of is films have been presented by the film distributor Heure Exquise, www.exquise.org

Forthcoming exhibitions include a solo show at Museum Man in Liverpool and ‘Free Play’ an exhibition in Norway, Stavanger.

In 2002, Cyril Lepetit initiated the artist film programme International Exhibitionist that curates at the Curzon Soho cinema, London.  
www.lepetitcyril.com - www.international-exhibitionist.org

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