Dinahbird Radio 3 and a half

Radio 3 and a half is an ongoing compilation of audio collages and soundscape compositions that play hommage to golden days of radio and tape recording. This edition features the following sound artists and radio producers: mark vernon, felix carey, iain chambers, philip tagney, jean-philippe renoult and dinahbird.
It is devised and produced by dinahbird.

« With the clock ticking on quarter-inch tape, the Langham Research Centre formed in August 2003, with the intention of keeping alive the processes and spirit of Musique Concrète, or tape music: sounds from the real world recorded and transformed on magnetic tape.

Egg harps, broken hinges, hungry dogs, executive toys, loose change and chicken carcasses have all featured in the LRC's work. » (LRC statement)

1. Doors (All recorded in various stairwells in the BBC’s Broadcasting House ) –8’48.
2. Elastic bands - 1’57.
3. Executive balls - 3’59.
4. Water, concrete and metal - 6’14.

Contact : info(at)langhamresearchcentre.com


Mark Vernon is a sound artist, musician and radio producer based in Glasgow, he makes soundtracks, installations and live performances as well as releasing recordings of his own work. An LP of solo and collaborative music and sound works by Vernon & Burns ‘The Tune the Old Cow Died of’ was released on Gagarin records earlier this year. He was a founding member of Glasgow’s pirate art radio collective, ‘Radio Tuesday’, who undertook several art residencies and organised exhibitions, talks, gigs, screenings, performances, the setting up of a community radio station, ‘Bolt fm’ in North Glasgow as well as broadcasts in Glasgow and Helsinki. He is also one third of the trio ‘Hassle Hound’ who have releases on Pickled Egg, Textile, Staubgold and Twisted Nerve and have played live throughout the U.K. and in France. Mark has produced programmes and features for stations including ‘Black Box Recorder’, WFMU’, ‘Resonance fm’, ‘Juniradio’, ‘Radio Deutschland’, and ‘Reboot fm’. A programme about amateur tape recording enthusiasts, ‘The Derby Tape Club’, was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in March last year. A commissioned programme for New Media Scotland’s ‘Drift’ festival, ‘Evelyn’s Request’ was streamed and broadcast recently on Resonance FM.

1.Non-Members night out. – 18’50
Surreptitious recordings made outside Glasgow nightclubs, skulking around back doors and fire exits in the early hours of the morning . These recordings document the effects that high volumes of music and the city’s club culture have on the surrounding architecture and acoustic environment. Close miking broken windowpanes and door frames rattling under an assault of bass heavy music and inserting a microphone into a drainpipe to amplifying the audible white noise content were some of the mic techniques used. All acoustic effects are natural, this is a simple edit and arrangement of the untreated field recordings . (This piece is also included on the Vernon and Burns LP The Tune The Old Cow Died Of on Gagarin records.
2. Tape Recording as a Hobby : An Introductory Warning to Amateurs – 5’56
Collaged from the archives of the Nottingham Co-operative Tape Club – recordings donated by Patrick Everest.
3. Chinagraph Laughs from Yadretsey : Editing De-mystified 4’05
Collaged from the archives of the Nottingham Co-operative Tape Club – recordings donated by Patrick Everest.

contact : meagreresource(at)hotmail.com


Jopo Stereo is just one of Jean-Philippe Renoult's sonic identities: writer, radio producer, sound artist, and cut-up DJ. Jopo Stereo is a solo musical concept that blends electronic compositions with voices and noises from a variety of musical backgrounds (pop, rock, disco, classical…). These tiny audio fragments are then tuned, detuned and mixed together to become part of an extended “sample dust” environment. To create these works, he never uses MIDI, just a multi-track recorder, computer and a few effects.
As a cut-up DJ, Jopo Stereo mixes easy-dirty listening, beat hop, bleep house, groovy punk hillbilly, political discourse and spoken subtexts with romantic sonic sonatas. Jopo Stereo performs on the airwaves, in galleries, clubs, and through sound installations.
1 . Brighter Wash (Magic ) – 3’42

A 1960s advert made from original material produced by Raymond Scott’s Manhatten Research Inc. Performed for the first time at Project IOI in Paris for the first edition of Radio 3 and a Half.
Contact : jopo(at)project-101.com
http://www.project –101.com


Dinahbird is a radio artist and feature maker living and working in Paris and London. She makes audio publications, installations, live performances and radio programmes. Her work, which can be described as “plundersonics”, is inspired by the sounds and the people who surround her. The result is a montage of personal interviews, found, “plundered” and manipulated sounds, minimal beats and music.
1. Make a Fist Stretch 0’36
A radio jingle inspired by a BBC aerobics lesson from the early 60s. It was originally composed for the French public radio station, France Culture.
2. DickleilagregoryNgeorge 04:54
3. Old Roses and Old Ramblers 05:03
These two tracks are extracts from an ongoing project about people and their gardens.
4. 78 gramaphone end 01:56
5. Le point et le virgule. 00:42
A radio jingle inspired by a ‘Teach-Yourself to Type’ record.
6. Goodnight Germany 00:19
Another radio jingle.
Contact : dinahbird(at)project-101.com

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