Andrea Zittel HDTS

This series of work from Andrea Zittels High Desert Test Sites (HDTS) all have one thing in common, the Radio. Fabbeinne Lasserre, Christy Gast, and Ted Quinn transmitted their distinct messages into the air through Pirate Radio Stations in the middle of the desert to live studio mixes throughout the California desert. All desert communities and passerbys who came across their radio frequency had a chance to tune into their live broadcast! Featured here are their documented playlists rebroadcast for you here at Daily Noise. - Tenzin Wangchuk

Free Radio High Desert Test Sites (Christy Gast and Fabiene Lasserre)


Play List 1 Curated by Fabienne Lasserre and Christy Gast

Launched in 2000 by Andrea Zittel, High Desert Test Sites is a series of experimental art sites located along a stretch of California desert communities, with an active annual program including a range and number of international artists. Free Radio HDTS, first realized as part of HDTS 4, is a pirate radio station that broadcast across a valley outside of Joshua Tree. Curated by artists Fabienne Lasserre and Christy Gast, the broadcast included a compilation of works by other artists, community groups and audiophiles, gathered through open submission. Listeners tuned in on their car radios and at a listening station situated the desert landscape. The radio apparatus was installed on a broadcast tower built by Los Angeles based sculptor Justin Beal. Equipment and technical support was lent by free103point9.org.

Raised in a rural Midwestern village, Christy Gast studied Sculpture and Women’s Studies before co-founding and touring with Cloud Seeding Circus, teaching art on the Navajo Reservation, and earning an MFA from Columbia University in 2004. Her work has recently been shown at PS1 and Artists Space in New York, and Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich.

Fabienne Lasserre grew up in Montreal, Canada. She has had several one-person shows in Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec City, and has participated in group shows in Canada, the US, Mexico, and the Czech Republic. She completed her MFA at Columbia University in 2004, and lives and works in Brooklyn.

Christy Gast and Fabienne Laserre have been collaborating on various projects for the last 3 years.

Play List 2 Curated by Ted Quinn

Ted quinn is a musician, writer, artist and cultural activist in joshua tree, california. his new album "dog years" will be released january 29, chinese new years day, on his website www.nomadhouse.com, accompanied by a book of writings and paintings, "years of the dog." his previous album, the critically acclaimed "help wanted" is also available. he is host of radio free joshua tree, formerly peacenik at the beatnik, on www.beatnikradio.com. he is a contributing editor of the los angeles free press at www.losangelesfreepress.com. he has produced numerous events and performances including "higher ground joshua tree" to benefit musicians displaced by hurricane katrina and elia arce's "first woman on the moon."

"High Desert Test Sites" episode
hosted and produced by TED QUINN
at the beatnik cafe joshua tree, california friday october 22, 2004

part one 55 min.
including the following musical performances of residents of joshua tree

part two 1 hr. 39 min.

"Noah reminded us that the creative process begins with a hunch, or an intuiton, it proceeds by a mark, a motion, a word or a tone. The opening gesture. The artist steps back. Reviews what they have done. Sees what it implies and makes another mark. motion, word or tone and, in this manner, editing as one goes, integrating themes and raising and satisfying expectations, assembles a finished work. It was Noah's genius to identify the creative process as a problem solving mechanism." Peter Coyote

part three 32 minutes

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