Sylvain Marquis - LORDS OF THE DING (with several birds and trumpets)

A travers un monde dénaturé [Through a denatured world] (10'29)
January 2001
Music as landscapse reconstruction, intrusion of reality in sound trick. Addition of a falsely abstract synthetic world. No real path to follow but the proposal of freedom in the travel.

Aux cercles réunis [At circles gathering] (5’14)
on a text by Thomas Brando - voice : Estelle Cukier
2004 April/May
Two indications. First : a musical transposition through sensations, ideas extrapolates from the text. Second : Talking voice sounds as the origin of my material.

Une Ballade (Un jour) [A walk (A day)] (13’47)
2003 September to November at IMEB studio ( France)
IMEB commission
This piece is a part of my work exploring the idea of pathway, of walking through as a possible musical pattern in order to create non-linear directionality. Here, there is no real evolution, it is merging that creates form.

"Paysage / Ville" ["Landscape/City"] (9’32)
2005 September
This piece is constructed both as a landscape and as musical structure: a landscape, because walking is like an impression of sequences placed side by side, and a musical structure by the work of memory on sounds, the use of repetition. Recordings were done in Paris, mostly in the "multicultural" Château Rouge district.

Grand Street, East River (13'19)
1999, March. For two guitars.(by horizon Duet)
"When I met John Cage in 1950, I was living then on the top floor of an old building on the East River Drive and Grand Street. Two large rooms, with a sweeping expanse of the river encircling three sides of the apartment. Spectacular. And hardly a piece of furniture in it."

Morton Feldman Give my regards to the Eight Street - 1971. Tribute and remembrance.
Present by Airmail (22'24)
2005, November. For Columbia University and Leroy Neiman Gallery.

A present, and a part of the present, my present, here, on the old continent, making some vacuous theories, playing my synth and guitar. ...something that masters intellectuality...no, it’s possible, it’s possible that they are weird persons…they were ready to shoot!...a relational world...it sounds like a siren...yes, he's there....it's an academic stuff ! a conclusion !...it's not inevitably...first it is difficult to say if there's unity...we never really escape from a certain type of narration...even if Christmas is BEAUtiful, its BEAUtiful...

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