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Vibrö - International selection

Kaihatsu Yoshiaki

Kaihatsu Yoshiaki- makes music through chance operations by usig a camera and « Pawardoraibar ». “Radio performance” 1 & 2 are extracts from the Low Tec CD
Past exhibitions include :
the Venice Biennale's 9th International Architecture
Exhibition –METAMORPH (Venice/Italy)
POWER OF PLACES  ( Sakura City Museum of Art/Sakura/Chiba)
CAFE in Mito, 2004 ( ART TOWER MITO Contemporary Art Center/Mito/ Ibaraki)

GLOBAL MEDIA 2005 ( Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography / Tokyo)
ceiling ( Murata & Friend/ Berlin/ Germany)
happo-en in Dahlem ( Museum f ür Ostasiatische Kunst,Staatlche Museen
zu Berlin/Berlin/ Germany Views from abroad  (stadtgalerie Kiel /Kiel/ Germany)
When no leaf moves... (Palais fuer a ktuelle Kunst / Glueckstadt/ Germany )
Light Art from Artificial Light ( ZKM Museum for Contemporary Art/ Germany)

Ferris Blood

Ferris Blood lives and works in London.
Co-founder of Depressing comics with Llyr William.
In December 1999 two young men met for the first time in a cellar in Eindhoven, Holland. Depressing comics, now into its third issue, is their most recent collaboration. Each issue is accompanied by a free hour long audio CD, featuring music and spoken word tracks contibuted by artists and musicians living in London. Tonight Williams & Blood present peaks and troughs from DEPRESSING.

“waves of canned laughter” was used in a performance Ferris did in Berlin in 1999 and is included in issue 1 of the comic.

Nelson Electric Chaircut – extracts from « Songs with rough Handling » CD

Take 1(6’39")
The zone (1’19 )
Sanctions (3’45 ")
Aphaisa (8’50")
Cold Rinse (2’16")
All tunes by Nelson on the electric Chaircut Machine produced by Fa Venilato. (2002)
In memory of Raymond Vigil

"I sat in a taped up chair in the middle of the cobblestoned rocky street next to the pee wee soccer game in front of the fashionista art tourists of Dumbo and closed my eyes before he even took the tape to me because I was so excited for it. Covered in a makeshift sheet he commented that i would get the pretty pinkish orange tape and he went over my shoulders and legs and strapped me up and it was
funny that the tape didn't stick to my mouth because everyone would have to see how happy I was to get tied up in public and sonically hacked at as he cut inches off my hair. Like rollercoasters that get nowhere I was fucking thrilled, and he cut me loose after the performance each strap of tape released and took the tape off of my eyes and I was smiling that stupid smile of mine where you see all of the gums in my mouth in the mirror at myself and he had made me pretty. I wonder if he thought I was pretty. Submissive girls are always pretty."

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