OPENING EVENTS 26 JAN 2006 - 5pm - 10pm:

5pm : presentation of the vibrö project + vibrö 3 - the Citizen Band issue

7pm : performance Cyril Lepetit : La Sirène de New York

8 :30 pm : Nelson Electric Chaircut

9 :30 pm : OttoannA : Blue/Red sound travels


5pm - 7pm:
Presentation of the vibrö project

+ Listening session: vibrö 3 - the Citizen Band issue

Vibrö is a sonic object, at the crossroads of an art multiple an a specialised magazine.Vibrö intends to render experiments in the fields of electroacoustics and Lo-Fi more 'audible'. It also tries to illustrate the growing presence of sound in the fine art practice. Published twice a year in a digibox format, it includes an audio compilation and a series of cards that catalogue the artists and tracks.

Destined to promote and support the artists, the sampler is a gathering of major names in sound arts and a springboard for pioneering newcomers. It can be used as a reference archive, a portable sound gallery or soundtrack for a wide range of spaces.

vibrofiles.com provides information on the contents of the compilation, but also on the wide range of developments in the area of sound arts. its purpose is to gather the many scattered communities and create an international network. Designed as a web ring, it will grow to facilitate the understanding and archiving of written and audio files.

"With print magazines hobbling along, web publications have generally stolen their fire.
But a few enterprising outfits are sticking with a brick'n mortar model to extend the periodical to an audio format."
Flavorpill NYC (Philip Sherburne)

"An exceptional, forward looking and well paced compilation".
THE WIRE (Rob Young)

"Perfect material to build up your library of essential recordings".
SCANNER (Robin Rimbaud).

Vibrö 3 - the Citizen Band issue
A “double entendre” issue, Citizen Band, is referring to democratic endeavours, home-made radio devices and programs, also paying a tribute to small studios where sound collages, Concrète and Acousmatic musics were born, soon after world war II. Today, at the other end of the home-studio, the Internet stream is enlarging the scope of transmissions and signals. Following the inventive spirit of Pierre Schaeffer, just like Christian Zanési, the artists presented on Citizen Band, are still linked to the radio waves that have been propelling sound towards a myriad of intimate spaces. A series of works dealing with frequencies and the improper use of technology (Stephen Vitiello, Eva Sjuve, SI_COMM), reception and broadcasting tools (Tonic Train, Pete Stollery, Tereza Neuma), field recording (Zoe Irvine) or sound collages where the voice plays an essential part (Aymeric de Tapol, Joan Schuman, Mark Vernon, Alan Dunn & Jeff Young).

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7pm - 8 :30pm:
Cyril Lepetit

Performance: La Sirène de New York
www.lepetitcyril.com - www.international-exhibitionist.org

THE MERMAID OF SHEPPEY & THE SIREN OF NEW YORK in 'Daily Noise' LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia, NYC  

This January, 'The Mermaid of Sheppey's song will be played during the exhibition ‘Daily Noise' at LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia, New York City (25/01/06 -15/02/06). On Thursday the 26th it will be presented as part of a performance from 8.30 until 9.30pm (opening starts at 5pm). This luring song is composed of the voices of women and some men expressing themselves on the following issues:

What does it mean to lure people and how do you do so? Diverting…attracting towards death…towards pleasure and unknown territory… What does opening your world, values, life, and body to someone else mean, or represent?

When editing the sound piece: looping breathing and words and selecting some sentences and statements made during the recording, the artist was aiming to create an appealing song that will leave the listener in a meditative state of mind. This mermaid song was recored and played last summer on the sea front of the island of Sheppey (Thames Estuary, London). The song was presented as part of an installation; it was played on loud speakers, so passers by on the parade and people on the beach could hear it clearly.

This song can be heard in NY on Friday January 27 at LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia, NYC. It will presented as part of a new performance by Cyril Lepetit and will be followed/answered by its NY echo. People based in NY or the US or passing by the city at the same time are invited to take part in the series of recordings with a view to creating a 'Siren of NY' sound piece. If this proposal appeals to you, please contact the following email address to arrange a meeting:

The recording sessions will take place from January 23 to 26.

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8 :30pm – 9 :30 pm:
Nelson Loskamp

Performance : Electric Chaircut

« Nelson Loskamp does a performance art peice called (aptly enough) "Electric Chaircut", where he cuts a volunteer's hair with an electric razor that is hooked into an amplifier.
Meanwhile he has a DJ mix in various ambient sounds to produce an eerie effect. This crowd gathering spectacle is definitely a NY original »
Big Frank

« Nelson also questions our desire to seek authenticity in external presentation, but in a manner entirely different from his paintings. In his "Electric Chair Cuts," he satirizes the notion that we are all only a haircut away from possessing a sense of authenticity that distances us from the crowd. He straps a willing accomplice into a chair, and with a pair of amplified scissors attached by wires to a power-pack on his back, attacks the unruly mane of hair. By theatricalizing the "performance" of a haircut, Nelson suggests that the codes of individuality as filtered through fashion, are just that -- theater. In Nelson's knowing hands, the boundary between the external and the internal shed their dichotomous nature, becoming a single route to a reinvestigation of the self. »

« I sat in a taped up chair in the middle of the cobblestoned rocky street next to the pee wee soccer game in front of the fashionista art tourists of Dumbo and closed my eyes before he even took the tape to me because I was so excited for it. Covered in a makeshift sheet he commented that i would get the pretty pinkish orange tape and he went over my shoulders and legs and strapped me up and it was funny that the tape didn't stick to my mouth because everyone would have to see how happy I was to get tied up in public and sonically hacked at as he cut inches off my hair. Like rollercoasters that get nowhere I was fucking thrilled, and he cut me loose after the performance each strap of tape released and took the tape off of my eyes and I was smiling that stupid smile of mine where you see all of the gums in my mouth in the mirror at myself and he had made me pretty. I wonder if he thought I was pretty. Submissive girls are always pretty. »

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9 :30 pm:

BLUE RED SOUND TRAVELS (Bleu Rouge - Délocalisation sonore)
more info on www.ottoanna.com

OttoannA have chosen 4 landmarks of the Parisian sonic scape. They are delocalizing this template for an urban itinerary to other cities, including New York.
Starting at 2pm from Time Square on the day of the opening (26 jan).
You can follow the trail of the red and blue stereo duo on the map > Download here (pdf)

TRAIL: 2 - 3PM: Time Square > 3 - 4PM: SUBWAY 1-9 > 9 - 10PM: LEROY NEIMAN GALLERY > 10PM - LATE: A BAR SOMEWHERE

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