Born in Belgrade in 1949, Alex Hamburger came to Brazil, age 6, with his parents. His endeavours in the art field started around 1973, after he gave up a career as an economist.
Particularly concerned with the symbiotic possibilities of different modes of expression, he developed cross-disciplinary works of Visual and Sound Poetry, Object-Poems, Artist Books, Book-Objects, Performances, “Anti-art” works etc. From the seventies, extensive trips abroad & a few long stays in Paris, London and New York gave him the opportunity to connect with many other artists including Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles and Richard Kostelanetz from the Fluxus group, thus expanding his research in new theoretical directions.
OIn the last 20 years, he has worked extensively, in his adoptive hometown of Rio de Janeiro and abroad, to help the understanding of this other language. He has had several solo & group shows; more than 30 performance pieces, 4 published books of experimental poetry, and several published sound pieces.