Double Entendre, is a non-profit organisation supporting the production and promotion
of events and editions dedicated to sound art,
including the CD/Internet magazine vibrö/, monographic CDs and books.
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Vibrö - c/o Association Double Entendre.
6, rue du Poteau, 75018 Paris - France
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"Vibrö - Revue des arts sonores" - The editors of Vibrö Interviewed on Synesthesie
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(in french)

Editor in Chief: Valérie Vivancos
Executive Editor:
Rodolphe Alexis

Design Director: Malthe Sigurdsson
Graphic Design Layout: Rodolphe Alexis
Web Programing: Eric Fehr, Nicolas Andrieu

Mastering: Sylvain Prévost
Pressing & Printing: Soundperformance

Angus Carlyle, Dinahbird, Mark Garry, Rhama Khazam, Sylvain Marquis , Malthe Sigurdsson , Goran Vejvoda.
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As a non-profit project, Vibrö is currently sponsored by SHIC.FR If you wish to participate in
supporting/ sponsoring it go on
this page or send us an email
Shic, agence interactive
40 rue d'Aboukir
75002 Paris
MCD - Musiques et cultures digitales
8 rue du Général Renault
75011 Paris
London College of Communication
Elephant & Castle - London SE1 6SB
Collectif MU
12 rue d'Oran
Paris 75018
Association JeL
4, rue Jules Ferry
93000 Saint Ouen
Espace Mendès France.
Centre de Culture Scientifique, Technique
et Industrielle en Poitou-Charentes
1, place de la Cathédrale - BP 80964
86038 Poitiers cedex
Groupe de Recherches Musicales de l'INA-GRM
Maison de la Radio, 116 Avenue du Président Kennedy
75016 Paris

The CD is the physical counterpart of this site.
Our compilations can be purchased online together with co-published monographies and books.

So far, the response and contributions have been very encouraging, a living proof that something is happening out there... For its next issue - Vibrö is seeking new and original sound pieces.


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