Aki Onda started making music with a sampler and a computer, and in 1990 formed ‘Audio Sports in Osaka’ with Eye Yamatsuka and Nobukazu Takemura.
After releasing the group's first album, Onda moved to Tokyo and established himself as a producer. He soon became a sought-after studio technician, because of his in-depth knowledge of sound synthesis. As a result, he was involved in nearly 100 projects in Japan while still in his twenties. Between 1996 and '97, Onda set a base in London and started making his solo albums Beautiful Contradiction and Un Petit Tour, which reflected his visual and poetic sensibility. Soon he released two more albums: Precious Moment, in 2001, and Don't Say Anything, in 2002. All four albums are personal soundscapes, which he calls 'radio dramas'. In recent years, Onda has often performed with multiple cassette recorders and electronics, using field-recording sounds he recorded himself as a diary.