Alejandra Salinas (Spanish, resident Barcelona) and Aeron Bergman (American, resident Barcelona) have been working on sound for 10 years. They have been working in between the lines of documentation, storytelling, traditional and urban folklore, electronic music and music composition.
They have released over 15 solo full-length recordings on labels such as Tomlab, Fatcat, Bottrop Boy, Orthlorng Musork, Softl Music, and their own Lucky Kitchen imprint. They have presented concerts and sound presentations around the world including places such as Museum of Modern Art in Luxembourg, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, de Appel Institute of Contemporary Art in Amsterdam, the Lampo foundation in Chicago and ExTeresa Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico City.
Recently, the duo have been focusing on sound installations using ideas such as folklore and local decorative arts to make sculptural, designed environments.