Founded in 1992 by Jean-Yves Leloup & Eric Pajot, RadioMentale can be seen as a sound-system with an influence on the airwaves, clubs, urban spaces, web & art centres. Since the early nineties, RadioMentale have been broadcasting their own ‘ cult’ radio show in Paris on FG (as well as on the Swiss and Japanese radios: ‘Couleur 3’ and ‘Shibuya FM’). They now work on various formats: environmental pieces for contemporary art shows, movie soundtracks, specific sound pieces for radio or urban spaces, multimedia movie performances, 'cinemixes' and sound design for public and corporate venues. A RadioMentale performance or piece is a mix drawing from an eclectic range of audio sources, including movie soundtracks, experimental & electronic music, natural sounds, dialogues, soundcollages.
Both artists have been exhibiting and performing in various contemporary art exhibitions and venues such as
Documenta X, Pompidou Centre, Le Magasin in Grenoble, Cartier Foundation.