Ikeda began his activity as a sound artist and DJ in 1990. In 1994 he started working as a composer for the multimedia art group Dumb Type. Since 1995 he has been intensely active in sound art through concerts (including a recent performance at the Centre Pompidou in Paris), sound installations and recordings. The albums +/- (1996), 0? (1998) and the recent Matrix (2001) have been hailed by critics as the most radical and innovative examples of contemporary electronic music.

His collaboration with Carsten Nicolai gave birth to the Cyclo recording project. In 2000 Ikeda created the sound installation Matrix for the Millennium Dome in London and Matrix (for and anechoic room) for the exhibition Sound Art- Sound as Media at the ICC in Tokyo. He has participated in the important group show of sound art ‘Sonic Boom’, curated by David Toop at the Hayward Gallery in London.