As an artist, William Furlong established Audio Arts magazine on cassette in 1973, and it now represents the most substantial archive of original recordings of contemporary art.
Furlong describes Audio Arts as, “a recorded space for contemporary art”.
Working primarily in sound, his recent exhibitions include; An Imagery of Absence, Imperial War Museum, London, Sound Garden, Serpentine Gallery, London, and Tholsel, ‘Intelligence, New British Art 2000’, Tate Gallery, London, To Hear Yourself as Others Hear You, solo exhibition at the South London Art Gallery 2002/2003.

In September 2004 he presented a sound installation, Passage of Time, at the Oratorio di San Ludovico (Nuova Icona), Venice. Furlong is currently working on a new book for Phaidon Press, provisionally titled, Talking Art.